What is TheSolution?

TheSolution is our media content management tool that connects a Media Player, a tablet and our proprietary software, TheSolution Android application, to provide the end user a simple, intelligent and highly customizable remote controller.

The Media Player – BrightSign

Photo of the BrightSign media player

We’ve chosen the BrightSign 4K Media Player, the latest, most advanced hardware on the market handling resolutions up to 4K UHD at 60Hz. It plays back all the typical file formats currently available including legacy HD 1080p on down to 640 x 480 and will upscale everything to UHD for output.

It has a dedicated processor and is not a PC or Apple device which means it is not subject to all the issues computers normally encounter like freezing or bogging down, etc. And it uses SDXC cards for storage so there are no hard drives that will die like you find in computers. Audio and video are output over HDMI 2.0 with audio also available on a mini jack for analog devices.

The Tablet

We use an Android tablet loaded with our Solution App developed exclusively for media playback to control the Media Player. It can be configured as a wired device or used wirelessly over WiFi for complete flexibility.


TheSolution app has evolved over five years of development and has many features that make it extremely simple to operate.

Photo of TheSolution Android App in a tablet

Simply put, it is a simple, cost-effective and customizable remote control app that gives you instant random access to all of your media content via a friendly user interface on your Android tablet device.


If you have any questions about what TheSolution is or how it works, we are more than happy to walk you through it! Please contact us using our Contact Form or send us an email at

Our Team

TheSolution team is constantly advancing the App and adding new features as well as making it simpler to use. We invite your feedback on how TheSolution by AVR can help you and your clients show off your products and services with the latest technology.